Sulphur Spring YRE

This eternal flame is a small part of the Hopkins County Veterans Memorial.

There is a fountain on each end of the back wall of the Veteran’s Memorial.

Four relief art panels decorate the wall of the memorial.

A bench with a wounded soldier and his dog at the war memorial.

Bronze sculpture watering the flowers.

Unveiled in 2012, the restrooms are large, mirrored boxes.

Picture from inside the restroom!

Street crossing sign for fans of Monty Python's Flying Circus.

First Baptist Church.

1919 Prairie School style First Presbyterian Church.

Sign on the next street over visible above the rooftops.

Mural on a burger joint.

Look right when you turn the corner of E. Houston to see this museum sign.

One of Sulphur Springs Fire Stations.

The Blacklands Railroad Depot

1905 Queen Anne

1963 First Christian Church with fish/cross on front.

City hall moved into this 1914 post office after renovations were completed in 2014.

Fountain in plaza behind City Hall.

Neat design on Main Street

If you turn at the above corner into the plaza there are wings.

Splash Pad

A sculpture by Lawrence M. Ludtke, dedicated July 3, 1999.

There are benches all around with Wars listed on them.

Little Free Library in need of some repair.

1895 Romanesque Revival courthouse with towers and turrets