Pittsburg YRE
Camp County

Walk starts at the Camp County 1928 Classical Revival Courthouse.

War Memorial

1931 Masonic Lodge still in use by Frank Sexton Lodge.

First Presbyterian Church across the street from the Courthouse.

First of many lovely old homes.

Northeast Texas Community College

First Baptist Church

"The Divine Servant" listed on the Smithsonian Art Inventory.

Prayer Tower in Witness Park.

Rubble Rock School Gym and Bathrooms erected by the WPA

St. Beulah Christian Methodist Episcopal Church - Pittsburg, TX

Cotton Belt Depot is now a museum.

Caboose on display at Depot Museum.

Art Deco City Hall

Large Coca Cola advertisement.

1902 Abernathy Building with pressed metal facade.

1902 building now home to North TX Culinary College.

Ed in Pendergrass Park waiting for me to finish taking pictures.

Gazebo in Pendergrass Park

1862 Cemetery with graves of many members of Pittsburg's founding family.

Just another house I liked.

1904 Victorian Heath House

Ed and some blow up Halloween decorations.

1899 Victorian Stafford-Paris House

1896 Victorian Abernathy House

Another one that caught my eye

I liked this one too.

1884 Victorian Sheppard Home

1904 First United Methodist Church unique Prairie Style

Vacant 1940 Sinclair Station.

Mobil Gas Station is now Methodist Youth Fellowship Bldg.

1927 Fire Station is now the Police Dept.