Kerrville (modified) Downtown Year Round

1926 Kerr County Courthouse

Cannon next to where we parked at the courthouse.

1923 First Presbyterian Church, there is a new sanctuary dated 2002 next door.

1890 Victorian

Windmill next to the old house.

1928 St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Fountain at St Peter's Episcopal Church

1935 Notre Dame Catholic Church, the new sanctuary is behind this one.

1887 Guthrie Building

Ed in front of sculpture title "Mother's Love"

Sculpture in front of Kerr Arts & Cultural Center.

Tylostoma Regina

1935 (former) US Post Office

Schreiner Mansion is now a museum.

1890 (former) Masonic Lodge.

1919 Schreiner Building

Vintage 1926 Spanish Mission style movie theater.

No information found on this lovely old building.

Tower clock at City Hall

Mural in Peterson Plaza

City Hall

Ed about to be sucked into the vortex.

Mural of two boys shelling pecans

Mosaic from stories on Library wall.

Mosaic tiles at Library playground.

Bridge across to the island.

Didn't have any food for the ducks who are used to being fed.

View from the island.

Another view from the island.

Information board along the island path.

U-R-Here sign with trail information.

Abstract in the Nature Center.

Old gas station.

Historical Marker for the largest grocery store in Texas.

The local newspaper.

Back by the library to return to our car.