Walk in the New Year
Jefferson, TX

1872 Gothic Revival Cumberland Presbyterian Church across street from walk start.

Artistic seating next to where the walk started.

First Methodist Church

The walk goes through residential district filled with historic homes, most of which are Greek Revival style.

Jefferson has proclaimed itself the "Bigfoot Capital of Texas"

Taxi rides not available on New Years.

We went past the walk route turn to visit the old depot.

Mini Train rides not running on New Years either.

Passed the stage on our way back to the trail entrance.

Another bigfoot. There were four more hidden along the nature trail, but we didn't know about them, so we didn't look for them.

Retired railroad truss bridge over Big Cypress Creek.

Elk in Turn Basin Park.

Bears in Turn Basin Park.

The start of the boardwalk section of the nature trail.

View of the Cypress woods along the boardwalk.

"The Forest Echoes with Laughter" art along the boardwalk.

"Oodles of Doodles" artwork.

Lovelocks at the end of the boardwalk.

Boy Scout camp along the boardwalk.

"Above and Beyond" artwork.

Old Masonic Lodge is now a restaurant.

Restored 1987 mural

Museum was former Federal Courthouse/Post Office.

Excelsior House Hotel claims to be haunted.

Jay Gould's private railroad car "Atalanta"

Taste of Caddo Restaurant started out as a livery stable.

Kahn Hotel was originally Kahn Saloon

1912 Marion County Courthouse

Mittie Stephens - On February 12, 1869, a fire burned her to the waterline in nearby Caddo Lake.

Just two of many trees in the park where the walk started.