Japanese Tea Garden Event

Pagoda style garden archway entrance.

We met Ellen near the entrance.

Walk registration

Looking down into the garden.

Golden Trumpet

Rock Bridge

Floating island

Just one of the many Koi.

Purple Aster

Overview of the colorful garden.

Close up of floating island of plants in the water.

Ed with the waterfall

Sunken water garden overlook

Closer look at the bridge we crossed.

Bougainville along the walkway.

Koehler Pavilion erected by the WPA.

Cement benches and table.

Miniature truss bridge for the Zoo Train.

Rock wall along river.

Squirrel posed for me.

Decorative Berlin Bridge.

Ducks on the overflow dam below the Berlin Bridge.

Joske Pavilion ca. 1926

WPA erected bathrooms.

Ed checking out the Upper Pump House area.

Upper Pump House from the other side.

Birds have taken over picnic area for a nesting ground.

Ceramic trail signs.

A blue ceramic sculpture named "Quercus".

Metal tree slices named "Glorieta".

Ed on walled in walkway.

Colorful relief art on sign for local bar.

Mexican Village just below the Japanese Tea Garden where artisans once sold their wares.