Hempstead Walking Event

Clock and Bell from old courthouse displayed in front of 1955 Courthouse.

1955 Waller County Courthouse

Metal train in park next to RR tracks.

Hempstead City Hall

Lion guarding a bank parking lot entrance.

These pillars are along the edge of the bank parking lot.

More art at the bank parking lot.

Church of Refuge

Modest Victorian Home

Hempstead City Park

Splash Pad in the park

Nice two story Victorian

WPA constructed this High School in 1937. It is now HISD Headquarters.

The nicest Victorian on the walk route.

Nice curved porch.

Another Victorian

Gazebo in the park.

Memorial to SSQT Hartley who died in Iraq in 2008.

Decorative metal sign.

Lil Library Box

Nice commercial building.

Back by the train which it turns out is a huge BBQ pit.

Half of an artistic gate

Other half of the gate.

1954 Waller County Jail.