Berry Springs Park
Georgetown, TX

Entrance to park where walk was held.

Martin and Carol at the walk start.

Walk registration volunteer.

False Purple Thistle

Ed at the grave of the 5 year old Native American that the Berry's were raising.

Pride of Barbados

One of the covered picnic tables in the RV camping area.

Bathrooms also at the RV parking area.

Two cute mules that came to check us out.

The old Berry homestead needs to be shored up before it falls down.

Walkers that passed us on the trail.

Boardwalk at the base of the dam.

A dam was originally built in 1846 to power the gristmill.
This current dam was built in 2013.

View of the lake impounded behind the dam.

Native Morning Glory

Small waterfall at the springs.

Aquatic plant in the spring.

Small bridge

Playground for the kids

Large covered pavilion.

View of the lake from the other side.

Stephanie was working the checkpoint.