Founders Event
Fredericksburg, TX

Siba was working registration

Frank Van Der Stucken, whose boyhood home is a historic landmark in town

John O. Meusebach and Comanche Chief Santana smoking a peace pipe May 9, 1847.

Jacob Brodbeck, a Fredericksburg pioneer settler who had a passion and talent for aeronautics

A water wheel from the early failed Mormon community of Zodiac is preserved and on display in Fredericksburg's Pioneer Garden

This replica of the Vereins-Kirche, was built with the assistance of the WPA in 1936.

1954 Bethany Lutheran Church

Frank Van der Stucken's Birthplace

August Hennersdorf House

The Patton Home

Hoerster Building

St Mary's Catholic Church has a clock in the steeple.

St Mary's Catholic School

Former Methodist Church

One of several windmills around town.

Log building

St. Barnabas Episcopal Chapel

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

Little Free Library

Kuenemann House

Hotopp House

Dangers Rock House

Pape Log Cabin

Checkpoint Volunteer

Robert and Sheri are on the walk route.

Mueller-Petmecky House

National Museum of the Pacific War - Pacific Combat Zone

War mock-up

Cemetery entrance

National Museum of the Pacific War

Fredericksburg's Maibaum (May Pole)

Baron Otfried Hans von Meusebach, famous German-Texas pioneer, founder of Frederickburg

Old Courthouse is now a library.

WPA helped built the current Art Deco Courthouse